Spring 2014

Abigail Chance has been a wanderer for the past several years, but the cold, snowy winters and eclectic Portland community drew her back.  After graduating from Waynflete School and Brown University, she pursued experiences in creative arts, holistic wellness, social activism, and non-profit management, and moved back here this past year to continue to find opportunities and communities that merge her interests.  She lives in Portland's lively Arts District with her foodie husband, their three furry, four-legged children, and billions of other teeny tiny living beings residing in her garden, compost, and homemade fermentation projects.  She is grateful for her ability to walk half a block from her day job to The Telling Room a few days a week to help her former Waynflete english teacher, mentor, and The Telling Room's current director of publications, Molly McGrath, with some exciting projects, including the new Young Emerging Authors fellowship, the 10th anniversary book, and the annual anthology.  Put simply, she believes in creating safe spaces for people to explore their truths and build compassionate communities, and thanks The Telling Room for the wonderful foundation they have established and the work that they continue to do and inspire. (photo credit: a love supreme photography)

Ellie Stone is a senior at Skidmore College majoring in Spanish and minoring in Studio Art and Art History. She recently spent six months studying in Buenos Aires. During her studies, she has learned the value of building strong, effective literary skills. Her fluency in Spanish has required openness to other ways of seeing the world. Though a Maine girl at heart, she was born in Hong Kong. She is one of five children, has two dogs, loves to travel, ski, and practice her cooking skills. Ellie found The Telling Room through its strong connection to her high school, Waynflete, and the Portland community at large. She wanted to combine her commitment to interpersonal relationships and her love for art and writing. During her internship at The Telling Room, she learned that a story lies within everybody. As Ellie finishes up college, she does not know what the future holds for her, but hopes to work in an environment that develops a harmonious relationship between people of different backgrounds through art, much like The Telling Room.

Marjolaine Whittlesey is an actor and educator who, despite having roots on both sides of the Atlantic, calls Maine home. While she spent most of the past decade teaching French to students of all ages, she recently stepped out of the formal classroom setting to explore her love of storytelling in various capacities. On stage she loves juggling the verbal thrills of Shakespeare with the embodied storytelling of physical theater. Tutoring in French keeps her grounded in her roots while reaching out to a multicultural Maine. She is thrilled to be working at The Telling Room where passionate artists and educators invite students to trust their own voice.