March 2013

Erin Benson recently moved to Portland after having taught English for three years to kindergarten through middle school students in South Korea. Erin enjoy getting to know Korean culture through her wonderful co-teachers and lively students. She also enjoyed traveling to many countries in Asia. Now that she's living in Portland, Erin is a graduate student pursuing a degree in teaching secondary English. The Telling Room has been a perfect fit for Erin to become more connected to her new community and to work with students.



It was unfaltering fortuity that brought Sam Cohen to the doors of The Telling Room. He has mentored for two years in the Young Writers and Leaders Program, which has been the best way imaginable to put his Journalism degree from the University of Maine to use. Sam wishes he was from Maine but hails from tenebrous Delaware. He spends most of his time not writing enough and not taking enough photographs. Volunteering with the Telling Room reminds him that writers, of all ages, overflow with a courage and artistry that he is blessed to witness and learn from. Sam never leaves his house without pen and paper. And neither should you.

When Chelsea H. B. DeLorme (AKA Chelsea Holden Baker) returned to her home state of Maine in 2009, it felt like anything and anyone good was connected to the Telling Room—and she wanted in on all that goodness! Ultimately the volunteer experience helped spur her interest in going back to school and she received her M.Ed. from Harvard's Graduate School of Education in 2012. Now, as the point person for 2 Degrees Portland she's constantly telling newcomers who even vaguely like to read or write that they should get involved with the Telling Room. It's the best way she's found to meet people who have their priorities straight and to see Portland in a whole, new, brilliant light.

Patty Wight is a reporter for the statewide radio news show Maine Things Considered.  She discovered the power of storytelling through radio when she attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies after college.  She was instantly hooked, and has followed the audio path ever since. Before she joined Maine Things Considered, she was a freelance radio reporter and produced pieces for NPR programs such as All Things Considered and Morning Edition.  Patty is a big fan of the Telling Room and loves to help them in whatever way she can!