Winter/Spring 2010

Kate Bradbury

Kate Bradbury adores collecting stories, and is always amazed at the different ways they can be told. Whether through putting her own pen to paper, a phone call to rehash events with old friends, letter writing, interviewing Rwandese mothers in front of their cook fires, crafting a grant proposal where the situational back story needs to be defined, snapping photographs of a family meal or new city, or while working as an ER nurse looking to better understand her patients, Kate relishes in the sharing and retelling that turn a chain of events into human experience. Kate recently returned to Maine and is very grateful to be volunteering with The Telling Room. She is humbled and inspired by the young writers that she has worked with, so full of raw observation, sensitive questioning, powerful detail, and humor. She finds the creative energy fostered by the TR staff and the response that it gets from even the most hesitant storyteller to be marvelous, and can’t wait help out with the next project.