Summer/Fall 2009

Cecily Pingree & Janelle Dosher

Cecily Pingree is a filmmaker, teacher, beekeeper, chicken-raiser and well-loved Telling Room Volunteer. She reigns from an island in the Penobscot Bay and always looks forward to her time spent volunteering with The Telling Room. It is an honor for her, she says, to work with our students, and she really enjoys the days when she can carve out time to join up with Telling Room programs. Whatever school we might be working with, regardless of the students’ backgrounds and experiences, it never ceases to amaze her how effective our teachers and volunteers are at working with students, kids, and young adults across the board. She is always reassured by humanity when the writing starts to happen and kids from all walks write incredible things about life, reality, home, love and family.

Janelle Dosher’s friends lovingly call her “paparazzi” because of her ever flashing camera bulb and passion for photography. This valued Telling Room Volunteer’s talents go far beyond photography, however. Janelle currently works at a small private elementary school in Portland with students who are struggling with literacy and mathematics. She also teaches science as part of an after school program, and volunteers at the Center for Grieving Children as a facilitator with their multicultural program. She recently received her teaching certification, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning. Volunteering with young writers at The Telling Room has been, for her, an incredible and organic experience and an opportunity for her to gain the students’ perspective of the world. Interacting with the stories told, and even more importantly lived by the young writers at The Telling Room has enlightened her and opened her mind not only to the extraordinary experiences of which they tell, but also to the unique and beautiful heart and soul each author possesses.