Summer 2011

Kate Snyder

Kate Snyder discovered the Telling Room online when she was researching the Portland area in anticipation of her move here last fall from Washington, DC and began volunteering 4 weeks after she arrived in Maine. Over the past several months she has witnessed their mission come alive among students finding their voice while creating fiction, plays, personal memoirs, and comic books. It brings her joy to see such boundless imagination. A lover of far flung travel and hailing from a city as diverse as our nation's capitol, Kate especially appreciates working with students who have come from as far away as Somalia and Afghanistan to make Maine their new home. She loves their courage and their smiles. Kate studied Philosophy, Literature and Film in her university days after which she embarked on a decidedly nonlinear career path that included jobs in advertising, nonprofits, dog walking and bicycle messengering. She is now a full time mama and loving every sleepless minute of it.