March 2012

Smith Galtney

Born and raised in New Orleans, Smith Galtney moved up north to attend NYU, and called New York City home for 20 years before relocating to Raymond in 2009. “My partner and I moved into a little cottage, the sort of place where you’d think the ideas would flow out of you,” he says. “But my writer’s block was even worse than it was in the city.” Then he heard about the Telling Room, and its collaborative, hands-on approach to creativity seemed like a win-win situation. “It’s really exciting to watch these kids as they discover a little something about their lives on any given day. That, and to help them shape it all into a story. Sometimes we go on walks, or we just talk to each other. Often they’ll draw something out, or take pictures and record their own voices. It’s reminded me that being creative is supposed to feel like an adventure. You don’t have to just sit alone and stare at a laptop screen and agonize over everything.”