January 2013

Jeff Fischer retired in 2011 after teaching English and film at Mt. Ararat High School for more than 30 years. He makes documentary films, writes fiction, studies French (so he won’t be an imbecile whenever he visits his grandson Anatole in Paris). His friend Tasha Graff instructed him to volunteer for the Telling Room upon his retirement. She wasn’t wrong. This is his second year with the Young Writers and Leaders Program. 


Berry Manter, native Mainer, artist, writer, sea kayak guide, writes every day for both its grounding capacity and creative expression.

“I have a gift for finding connections, and I'm fascinated by how patterns within microcosms are mirrored in the macrocosm. Connections exist between everything and continually astound me. The stories we share making our way on this complex planet are profoundly rich. The telling of our stories, expressing our selves in our deepest personal sense, ties us all into experiences we collectively and innately recognize. This brings us all closer. My time with the Telling Room, most often assisting with programs that combine visual and written components, is very inspiring for me. The students energize me with their fresh and spontaneous minds. I leave a workshop in a state of awe and certain that I've had more fun than anyone.

Rory Wall is a new Portland Resident and found The Telling Room after googling "writing Portland Maine" during a little preliminary research. He has participated in field trips, Word Play, and is excited to co-teach a workshop this spring. Rory tries very hard at writing fiction in his spare time. 




Jean Martens is a new resident of Peaks Island. She came to Maine after many years in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.She is a student at the Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute of Maine (ChIME), doing her internship at the Telling Room. Jean loves being in nature, going for long walks, talking with friends, doing pen and ink drawings and yoga. She is learning to play the ukelele. She enjoys being part of the Telling Room!