January 2012

Marion Knox

Marion Knox thinks imagination is like wind off the sea; it brings news of the universe right here to this place and this moment. She’s worked with kids and with words in various combinations for a long time. Her latest Telling Room favorite moment: It was a field trip at the studio. Second-grade writers had spent the morning gathering images, drawing, talking, telling stories and collecting words and now it was time to write. One girl, frowning down at her empty page, was stuck. Her neighbor at the table looked over and said, “But you told me the beginning. You said, ‘Once upon a time a girl who loved flowers lived on an island.‘ ” And our girl was off and writing. Sentences flowed onto the page while she rocked in her chair with focused energy, catching inspiration. Marion has an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction from Vermont College. She paddles the coast of Maine in her kayak for weeks at a time. She loves a good ocean breeze.