February 2013

Brody Wood is a poet, performer, essayist, DIY publisher and workshop facilitator who has been learning a lot at the Telling Room the past year about new ways to engage with students and structure workshops. Brody is invested in queer and trans anti-assimilationist activism, radical support networks, working with food as a caterer, childcare, crafting, spending time in the Arizona desert, listening to country music and honoring their roots in Maine.


After receiving a copy of a Telling Room publication as a gift years ago, Joanne Arnold became captivated by the organization that had created it. Joanne is fulfilling her second year internship  for The Chaplaincy Institute of Maine as a regular volunteer at WordPLAYand TR field trips. The work at The Telling Room provides the opportunity for students to tell their stories and in doing so provides the reciprocal and rich opportunity for listening, which in essence is the core of Interfaith Chaplaincy. She feels that for every story written, told or implied there is a need for it to be read,heard and respectfully held. The Telling Room became a perfect platform for this reciprocity. Joanne is a Body, Mind & Sport Strength Trainer and Consultant, an artist and photographer and a mother of three grown children she considers her finest teachers. She also writes because its the only way to get at certain 'itches'.


Greg McKillop is a new Portland resident after spending 7 years on and off the road as a touring musician. He found out about The Telling Room through other poets in the teaching artist group he joined, called "The Poet Rising Project". Greg is also the founder of Speaker For The Dead, a national queer and allied folk and brass ensemble which works to create safe spaces of expression all across the country. Greg had no problem working with the Telling Room, which he feels is a continuation of the same kind of work.