February 2012

Deb Garrett

Study, careers in business as well as state government, living abroad and being a hockey mom convinced Deb Garrett that every person has a story—is a story. That’s what drew her to the Telling Room. As a graduate student, she had explored the links between personal experience and an individual’s artistic expression. Deb’s professional life engaged her in issues analysis, marketing, journalism, advocacy and speech writing—even as she continued to encounter hundreds of walking poems and living novels. Travel and her two Maine-grown children added new anecdotes and scenes every year. Now, Deb says she is excited to volunteer where young people are encouraged to explore the challenges and joys of writing from experience, real and imagined. After working with so many adults who considered writing to be, at best, a necessary evil, at worst, an impossible assignment, Deb is excited, charmed and constantly amazed at the creativity that colors the Telling Room.