August 2012

Jeremy Scheuer, Justin Pease and Josh Lupton

Jeremy Scheuer is an aspiring writer who studied English and Creative Writing at Reed College. Living in Maine this summer, he found the Telling Room through a family friend and suddenly realized his desire to teach writing. Working with Telling Room students in small groups and one-on-one inspired Jeremy to pursue teaching. He realized teaching younger writers is so productive for a writer seeking to sharpen his own writing tools and techniques. He saw how the Telling Room engaged young writers so effectively, balancing focused work with adventures outside the classroom. As a volunteer, he worked with middle school and high school students, learning new ways to foster their creative expression. He found the students’ imagination and curiosity to be the driving force of his own writing this summer. Next year, Jeremy will live in Portland, Oregon tutoring creative writing, while he pursues his writing projects with a fresh perspective, sharpened pencil, and a dream to start his own writing center someday.

Justin Pease doesn't remember how he first heard of The Telling Room, but he did just after he finished his BA in English and Creative Writing minor at USM in '09. He was on his way to study teaching at ETEP, so he wanted to commence the dabbling, working with kids and writing. He was hooked at the get-go because the staff was so welcoming, exciting, passionate, creative, and the kids were awesome too. ETEP took him out of the game for 2 years, but now he's back looking for ways to feel useful and to feast on the buzzing joys of sharing in the zeal of creative moments with other minds. He believes we all need to play with our imaginations in order to develop to our fullest cognitive potential. Creative expression is a great way to slow down, examine the moments and the many layers of existence--to feel chill, empowered, and happy.

Still within the midst of academia, Josh Lupton is a medical student at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Biddeford, ME with hopes of one day becoming a pediatrician practicing on the southeast coast of Maine. “I’ve always loved working with kids in a variety of settings - they keep me curious about the world and help me to see people, places, and things with a fresh set of eyes again. After performing a Google search for volunteer opportunities, there it was - The Telling Room. It was love at first sight.” Although Josh is neither a professional educator nor writer, creative writing has always been a passion of his, and he always makes sure to recognize any opportunity to encourage children to expand their minds in imaginative ways and to challenge their creative self. “I was very fortunate growing up to have had role models who were profound influences on my life. Every child deserves to write freely. As the American education system puts less and less importance on the Arts and creative thinking, The Telling Room’s motto, “Everyone has a story to tell”, was like a breath of fresh air and a concept that really resonated with me. Kids who enjoy using their mind, use their mind well - the key to a fulfilling and successful life. The Telling Room has offered me the wonderful experience of witnessing the beautiful, brilliant, and unique ideas that manifest from young inquisitive minds.